this is probably my most used household item
and not for clothing
my children and husband have all learned to use it
out of necessity
as i hate to iron clothes
no, i use it for my sewing
and i usually have to buy at least two a year
the fabric its sitting on will become a bag
sometime this week
we are on a bag kick here at the house
dd wants all the bags she can get!
how much stuff can one kid carry?
this is the latest bag-
she has an identical one, but this one is going
in the shop

cc: (pictures in order)
SS 1/80; Manual; F 3.5; ISO 400; 50 mm
SS 1.125; Manual; F3.5; ISO 400; 50 mm
SS 1/5; Manual; F 5.6; ISO 400; 50 mm


10 thoughts on “

  1. >Cool bags! Very nice shots of your iron. The reflection in #1 is good. Wow, you are a talented gal, with your sewing stuff! If you ever need/have extras be sure to send some my way. I like them. They seem so hip and stylish. Plus I’m sure my 3 dd’s would love them too!TFS!BTW-I don’t iron at all either(we have a lady that does that once a week).

  2. >Great bag! I didn’t know you did bags!! Tell me more!! store???As far as the iron… it’s my mortal enemy. I use it more for crafts than clothes too though! Lots of those melty peg board beads around here and iron-ons!

  3. >Your bags are so great!! such talent girl. The iron is hilarious. I hate ironing, but enjoy ironing things that are not traditional to iron as well, like dish towels and gasp…underwear! Nice pink and yellow color in your bag photo and I’m really diggin’ your song too;)

  4. >I love the reflections in the first one! And the bag is great…our family is also on a bag kick, but my sister makes them…I attempted. I soon learned that I have a lead foot on the sewing machine, but the the perfect fingers for pushing the camera button LoL-

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