>Today is: GREEN

the tulips are coming!
the tulips are coming!
i just love spring!
all the color bursting out in the yard!
right now it’s all green
but, hey, that’s better than say, oh,
or mucky brown
my front bed is just full of these little guys
love ’em!
and the best part?
i didn’t plant any of them!
the people before us did.
cake and eat it too, wouldn’t you say?


8 thoughts on “>Today is: GREEN

  1. >Aren’t you the poet today? Cool rhyming. Couldn’t do it if they paid me…heehee. Spring is already here in my town and I have ZERO plants in my house or outside for that matter, just grass. Lucky you for having flowers to look at…when they do come out, shoot them at eye level for a different perspective.TFS!

  2. >Once again…just love your journaling, you’ve got a knack at that. this is such a perfect picture of Spring, take a shot when they are in full bloom too to compare. May make a fun storyboard too. Like your music on the blog, oh…that pic from yesterday? AWESOME!

  3. >Growing through the rocks!?! So cool!I really like this shot. I think the composition is just perfect & the color is nice! Good job! πŸ™‚

  4. >I love tulips. Can’t wait for my daffodils to bloom – they are almost ready! Any color is better that the brown we’ve had around here. I started laughing when I read your previous post about running away. I thought maybe you wrote that message! πŸ™‚

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