these little guys themselves don’t make my life easier
it’s the process by which they came to be
the sewing of them
that is my preferred therapy
i feel so much better if i can just sit in my room
and sew
or simply create
doesn’t matter what i just need to make or work
on something!
pictures are great to work on too
but i like the physical handling of the materials…
the cotton, the thread, the buttons….
these guys are the latest for my shop
and now i’m off to finish a quilt
i love my addictions! hehehe

ISO 400; SS 1/6; F 6.3; Manual; 50 mm; flash


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  1. >I understand what you’re saying about the therapeutic value of such an activity. I feel the same way about scrapbooking – when I do it that is! Nice shots.

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