yes, you know what these are
they basicly make my childrens’ lives easier because
i hardly ever get my hands on them
and that one on the left?
looks pretty beat up doesn’t it?
it made one of our dog’s life easier
by being a teething toy!
but, when i do get them in my
hot little hands
all the kids have gone to bed
and i am just relaxing
ah….the easy life

just for a little Friday fun
i thought i’d share these pics
my oldest dd gave the cat a trim
the other night
doesn’t the kitty look happy about it?


8 thoughts on “

  1. >HAHA….funny cat pics!! I used to have a BIG FAT ORANGE persian cat, up til about 3 months ago….he HATED being brushed or trimmed…or touched for that matter! haha So these pics look too familiar!

  2. >fun pics. i’m all about remote controls! I’m not a cat person, but I know how bad my dog hates to be groomed, so i imagine it is 10 times worse for a cat! ha!

  3. >Love the remote shots. We have too many and spend too much time looking for them. They always manage to end up down inside the couch.Cute shots of the kitty getting a trim.

  4. >Okay…remotes SO don’t make my life easier! They’re always lost, so guess who gets to spend an eternity trying to find them! 😛 LOL!Those cat pics are too funny! I can’t believe he(she?) was still for that!

  5. >Remotes would have made my life easier when I was a child! In the sixties and seventies **I** was the remote!! lol Dad would lay on the couch and tell me when to change the channel. :>

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