this is a Video Relay System
it is my ds’s
(this is dd pictured, he was not available to model)
as you may recall, ds is deaf
this handy little device allows him to “talk” on the phone
he calls an operator/interpreter, he signs to the interpeter
and they talk to whomever he is calling.
if he is calling a friend who has a VRS
then they simply sign to each other
way cool
this makes my life easier because he can call me
on my cell phone!
i can leave him home and know that if he has a problem
he has a way of getting help…
peace of mind


12 thoughts on “

  1. >Isn’t technology wonderful!! I always love seeing all the great things they have out there on Extreme Makeover Home Addition. It’s just awesome!!!!

  2. >INCREDIBLE! I’m amazed at what is available now.I can see how this can make your life a little simpler, as well as life for your DS.Thank you for sharing and your blog entries, I enjoy reading.

  3. >Michelle – That’s very cool. I’ve often wondered exactly how that worked! I took some ASl but never enough to get that far. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. >Very cool shot! My dd is proficient in ASL. When she was in high school we had a TTY machine so she could talk to her friends who were deaf. Times have sure changed!!

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