this is my dh’s side of the family
his bil and the kids
it was dear little Miss K’s 2nd birthday and Auntie Schell
just had to do a little sumthin, sumthin for her!
she loved her presents
-c.d. to dance to was her fav-
and her cake was a hit
and the dds managed to teach her how to suck spaghetti!
learning and fun all in one!
cc is most welcome on these!
my kitchen is so hard to get decent pics in
not quite sure why…
ISO 400; SS 1/30; AV mode; 50 mm; no flash
*had to do a lot of lightening, and sharpening on these…


3 thoughts on “

  1. >Great documentation of the fun!For CC…looks like #1 is pretty soft. Your focus in 2 and 3 look pretty good. I think I would have upped the ISO to 800 maybe to play it a little safer with your SS. I like your crop on #3, or is that an in camera crop. It gets everyone in the frame, yet focusing on the cake. They look a little warm, but…I like the warmth at the same time, adds a certain emotion. What kind of lighting do you have in your kitchen?

  2. >Awww…these are sweet! I agree that the first one is soft, and it looks like tough lighting, but I love what you captured!And, can I just say that I LOVE your cake stand!?! I kinda have a little obsession with cake stands. I love ’em, and I don’t know why, but yours is WONDERFUL! LOL!

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