>another of my hang outs

this is the scrapbooking area
it used to be part of the kids’ play room but i kicked them out
nah-actually they got too old for a play room-
so i converted it to part scrap/part photo studio/mostly storage room
(it’s an old bomb shelter area so it’s quite large and that’s why the
cinder block walls)
it’s unusually clean here-the kids like to mess it up by making things….
now my sewing area…that’s a mess!
but i won’t be showing that! LOL


4 thoughts on “>another of my hang outs

  1. >… can I come play in your room? – our’s is too messy right now! Actually I don’t know how to keep it clean. We love to create (daughter and I) so there is NEVER opportunity or desire to stop and straighten up … lolYou have great light here!

  2. >A bomb shelter, cool! Some of the houses in the neighborhood I grew up in had bomb shelters, they were dark and scary, not at all like your great scrap space.

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