anyone who knows me knows i always have a stack of books to read
my library book bag gets a lot of use!
and our city just re-modeled our main library
i could have wandered the aisles for hours!
but i had my boys with me
they are NOT big readers…
i still haven’t figured out how to pass on the love of reading
to my children
ISO 400; SS 1/8; Manual; F 5.0; 50 mm; studio light


5 thoughts on “

  1. >Great colors in this shot. Don’t worry, the kids will come around someday. I hated reading as a kid. I don’t think I finished a book all through high school. Now I read quite a bit. There is still hope.

  2. >Like the white background, not distracting from your books. Those look like some good books, do you have a favorite? I’ve always liked To Kill a Mockingbird and can re-read that one over and over again.

  3. >Just having loads of books in our home made all the difference to me and I see it in my sisters’ kids, too. Plus a strange obsession with biographies really lit (pun intended) my fire in 5th grade and it’s still burning. How thrilled was I when I wandered by the Jane Adams Hull House one day. Felt like I read her bio yesterday rather than a few, ahem, decades ago.

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