>The Girls

>these are the girls
my little companions when the kids aren’t around
my reminders that there are those in the world who give unselfishly
and only ask for a kind word and a pat

this is Boo, aka, Boo-kitty, A-Boo, and Rascal
she is the baby of the group
and can be a total nut
she loves to talk too!

this is Hooter
my wise old friend
she is sitting at my elbow as i type this
she and i became best friends when i had several surgeries a
few years ago
she would just sit with me and purr
great therapy for me!

finally, Ethel
sweet, sweet Ethel
she came from the shelter
dh and i fought getting a dog for years…
Ethel came on probation
and never went back!


9 thoughts on “>The Girls

  1. >Loving your ‘girls’.They are all beautiful pictures of your pets, but Ethel….oh her beautiful face with her that expression, just gorgeous!

  2. >Love your girls. I have 2 fur girls too, a cat and dog. They are impossible to shoot. I’m going to have to give it a shot again (no pun intended). You did a great job with these, especially getting the detail of the dark fur.

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