ok, this little beauty is a few shops down from the coffee shop from yesterday
i tried to take her pic at night
wasn’t happening
so i mortified my dd by going back in the light of day
for “everyone is looking at you mom!”
to get the picture just right.
gotta love the freedom to embarass your children!
this little beauty is for a….Meat Market!
it’s very old because i think now people would have a fit about it
as is, everyone is just used to it

ISO 800 (forgot to change from the bball game); SS 1/3200; Manual; F/10; 50 mm

and btw, the bball photos from yesterday: no, none of the boys were mine; dd boyfriend is on the team but i did not post his pics-didn’t get a good one of him


4 thoughts on “

  1. >Too funny!! Is that a chain around the cow’s neck?? You’re right. Some PETA group somewhere would have a fit if they saw it. LOL! Strange what we get used to and hardly notice… My kids think I’ve lost my mind sometimes. Good to know I’m not alone!About the bball pics==too bad you didn’t get dd’s boyfriend, but I bet the boys in the pic would pay money for that shot! It’s really awesome!

  2. >This sign brings back memories. There used to be a dairy market in San Bernardino and ontop of the sign was a large dairy cow (b&w). And a meat market not too far away with a cow ontop of the building. TFS!

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