this is a local coffee shop
i don’t frequent it too often but dd had to “go” after the boy’s basketball game!
so we stopped in
i had to get that little scooter in front-the color was too perfect
and i figured i should get the sign on top too
seeing as this is sign week
did some lightening, some popping and some corrective coloring
if anyone has any hints for getting neon i would love them!
i set the camera on P because Manual just wasn’t cutting it
ISO 800; 50 mm; SS 1/60; F/2.2; P program
and here’s the bonus
this is my favorite shot from the boy’s basketball game
i LOVED this gym!
nice and bright and not too flourescent-y


7 thoughts on “

  1. >I love coffee shops like this, so chic! Love that scooter outside too, would not expect anything else. It’s not your scooter by chance? What’s your favorite coffee drink? Mine is anything with peppermint, crem de la mint in it-YUMMY!

  2. >I really like the first photo, and the scooter is a nice little addition to the shot. Your bb photo turned out great too. You gotta love GOOD lighting in gyms!

  3. >Ok. These are terrific! I love the shot of the store front. Very cool! The colors are vibrant and the glow from the lights is so perfect. Makes me want to go inside! And, your bball picture is awesome!! You captured a great moment perfectly. Is one of the boys in the picture yours? GREAT job!!

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