continuing on in the five angles theme…
this is our dear dog, Ethel
yes, that’s right,
she’s a real sweetie
i highly recommend getting your pets
from an animal shelter
Ethel needed a lot of lovin’
and a lot of patience
(she thought we were going to hit her
every time we moved too fast)
but she has returned that time ten-fold
sweet, sweet, sweet!

ISO 400; SS 1/15-1/50; Manual; F/1.8-1.22; 50 mm

11 thoughts on “

  1. >I love these shots! What a beautiful dog too πŸ™‚ These are great. Your pictures from yesterdy make me hungry. Greatjob on the dof yesterday! These dog shots are great also great job on not getting the typical dog redeye!

  2. >Oh – I have a dog that is 12 now. she stays with my mom b/c her dog died and my cat the dog couldn’t be seperated (and dh is allergic – so….) anyhow – when I got the dog she had been abused by her previous owner and would cower everytime I walked near her or anything. After about 6 months of staying wiht me, she would follow me everywhere and we couldnt’ be sepearted. She slept with me (pre=dh) and stayed with me all the time. She is the most loving dog in the world. She is an incredible dog – she just tuned 12! Her name is Rachel – she redminded me of your dog. She is black too, but smaller. What made me chuckly was the name. Everyone gives me a hard time since she has a “person’s” name. I didn’t name her because I got her when she was too, but your story really reminded me of my Rachel πŸ™‚

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