this is my version of a Buddah
my mom gave me this…uh…cute? cat
he sits on top of my computer
and watches over me
also kind of creeps me out
supposedly he is an antique
he only stays with me
because of my mother
she thinks he’s beautiful
all in the eye, isn’t it?

ISO 400; SS 1/100; Manual; F/2.2; 50 mm
played with color pop and curves


8 thoughts on “

  1. >LOL, you’re so funny!!The light looks great & you have a great DOF in #…ugh, I cant go back to see now..anyhoo, Great job staying on theme!! Mine is pretty sad & it was suppose to be an example!!

  2. >Okay that cat creeps me out a bit too and I love cats. Your too sweet to keep it on your computer because your mom got it for you. Nice job on this weeks theme.

  3. >hey, if mom says so, then it must be. afterall, mom’s always know best. great job at your 5 angles.only cc is that i think you missed the focus in #2. can’t tell for sure if it’s soft but it looks like that on my scree. tfs!

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