yesterday’s post was soccer
so today
back to basketball…
had a game last night
took a few pictures
these are of my oldest dd

ISO 88; SS 1/250; AP; F/2.0; 85mm
did some saturation work, color popping and
ran it thru noiseware

ISO 400; SS 1/100; AP; F/2.5; 85 mm
did some color brightening and used noiseware

tonight we have 2 soccer games!
new pictures!
what a sick mother i am!
i don’t look forward to the game
i look forward to the photo opportunities!


13 thoughts on “

  1. >I like the lighting and clarity of your shots. Not sure what you did with the B&W portion behind her on the right. Did you desaturate only that side so the color would pop? Neat technique.

  2. >Wow, I can’t believe you got such fantastic shots with low ISO’s! I always have to bump mine up to 1600, and then they’re super noisy. These are great!

  3. >good shots. my suggestion, bw the entire pic on pic #1 (except her) so that it becomes uniform (just my preference). great focus on both.and….being a hs teacher, i must say…attitude is BIG on all teenagers (from other blog), it’s OK as long as…they are still within boundraries (sp?). kwim??? tfs!

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