>thought i’d give you a shot of my
quietest child
he really is quite the athlete
we haven’t found a sport yet that
he can’t just do
and although he’s too shy
to be a “star”
he does excell at his sports
and he (usually) never complains
just keeps plugging away
doing what the coach asks.
so here’s to the quiet stars
the true athletes of the game!
(he’s the one trying to avoid the kick)


9 thoughts on “

  1. >I know just the type of athlete you’re talking about! Honestly, they are the backbone of the team imo. Nice shot–love the action. Like Hope said, I might like a tighter crop. The McD sign is a little distracting. Of course, I’m sure that sign was designed to get your attention! 🙂 Super job–I love soccer pics. (I have a soccer player,too)

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