>The Wells Gone Dry

>always wanted to say that…
anyway, i’m all watered out here.
couldn’t quite force myself to get out and take water pics
with snow flying all around.
i’m pulling out 3 of my recent favorites.
hope you all don’t mind…

do you see that gap in his teeth?
he was born without a canine.
supposed to be a fairly common occurance.
so the dentist is moving all the other teeth over to put one in
the dentist will then be purchasing a new car.

(it’s soft because it was taken in a bowling alley
and he had just literally run up to me with this face!)

this is my Hooter-
named because they said she looked like an owl
she is the sweetest cat on earth
as far as animals go she is my best friend

my boss’s husband screwed up…
so i got to take photos when he sent these to her.
gotta love those men.
maybe i should point out a mistake to my husband
and clarify what kind of flowers i want?


4 thoughts on “>The Wells Gone Dry

  1. >fun shots. I have the same issues with teeth. My baby teeth don’t come in. Hopefully he will get it handled now then when he is like me in my 30’s. Love Hooter’s face.. very sweet.. The flower shot is beautiful also

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