>Last of the Town


i took the kids out a few months ago for a photo shoot at the neighbor’s house
they have a nursery so the yard is quite a photographer’s dream…lots of flowers and cool things just laying around.
anyway, i saw this shed just becoming overtaken by the yard and had to snap a few pics of it!
OBP-obsessive, compulsive photographer…

i don’t know any of the settings because i had to restore this photo after the great computer crash of 2006…but since i had just gotten the camera it was probably on P mode.

5 thoughts on “>Last of the Town

  1. >Great photo – your conversion gives it a real moody feeling.By the way…your fire station from yesterday’s post looks very familiar. Are you in Ft Wayne? I live in Ohio…just across the “border” but I’m in FW all the time for shopping and eating!

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