i have driven past this firehouse for many years and always admired the architecture of it.
sorry i couldn’t give you a real sense of the building-it’s on a very busy street and there was no place to safely park (two kids in the van) and get out to take the picture. so this was taken out of the passenger side window! lol- the things we do for a photo!

this picture is of an old train bridge that was shut down many years ago. i don’t ever remember it in action…

happy Saturday! one more day of the old home town and then we’re off on something new! i’m excited!


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  1. >I can see how you’d like this building…the brick is great, maybe a good place to do a photo shoot! The sign is really neat πŸ™‚ The second picture is nicely done too πŸ™‚ TFS!

  2. >Great bridge! They’ve kept it up pretty well, too. I am used to old rusty train bridges that they used for the steel mills. If “rust” or “corrosion” are ever subjects I know right where I am headed. πŸ™‚ Great shots!

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