>The Rose Gardens


in our town the most popular place to get married outside
is at the Lakeside Rose Gardens. i don’t know how old they are
but i am guessing early 1900’s. in the summer there are
dozens of bed of roses and it is really quite gorgeous. in the winter
there is a pond just a few feet away where i (along with countless
others) learned to iceskate. it is a place where some of my
favorite memories of my dad were created-he taught us how
to skate. anyway, here it is in all it’s glory
(with an Orton technique added to a few):


14 thoughts on “>The Rose Gardens

  1. >Love it! The Orton works well here, gives that dreamy quality and with the story behind the place, even better. I would love to see some of your wedding photography from this place (hint…hint:)

  2. >You’ll have to take some summer shots so we can see all the roses- it sounds great! I love the Orton on these, and the last picture is really cool- great lines!

  3. >These shots are beautiful. I love your composition and colour – the white whites against the blue sky is fabulous. This looks like such a magical place – you’ll have to go bakc and take some shots in summer to show us.

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