>A trip downtown

>yesterday we had a gorgeous sunny day
it was supposed to snow…
2-3 inches
we got nothing…
gotta love this crazy mixed up weather!
anyway, i went downtown and snapped some shots…
i always do my homework! 🙂

i had to photoshop these to get rid of a really blue tint…cc’s always welcome and appreciated
this is good ol’ General (Mad) Anthony Wayne:

and i really liked the hoof on his horse…did you know one hoof raised means he was injured in battle? full of trivia here!
and the frozen rain drop on the end of his tail just amused me….

the General: ISO 400; SS 1/250; F/5.0; Manual; 38 mm; no flash
the hoof: ISO 400; SS 1/320; all else same
the tail: ISO 400; SS 1/200; 41 mm; all else same


10 thoughts on “>A trip downtown

  1. >Great ‘hometown’ idea. Could the blue tint have been due to the White Balance being off? I know that’s why many of my shots are tinted one colour or another. After I set Custom White Balance, everything goes back to being the right colour!

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