>What makes me happy


i mentioned the other day that i am a quilter.
i finished my latest quilt since that post so i thought i would show it to you.
it is just a simple patch quilt but i like the colors.
(and it looks good in black and white for a backdrop!)
the name of it is:
“The Orient Express Goes to Wuthering Heights”
the fabric is from Moda’s Wuthering Heights line and the colors remind me of oriental art.
and, yes, all my quilts are named.

the second photo is of a little birdhouse i painted last summer.
it just makes me happy with its bright yellow attitude!
i tried the Orton technique on it….i may be addicted!

Happy Sunday!


9 thoughts on “>What makes me happy

  1. >LOVE what the Orton did to that photo, and I can completely relate to being addicted to the technique. I want to play with it some more today! You are so talented, that quilt is beautiful!

  2. >I love quilts so much… I just don’t think I have the patience for it. Yikes!! I may have to try it someday just to find out. I love your pics–the sign is neat, the cool birdhouse with that awesome technique that I MUST try is beautiful! TFS…

  3. >I love quilts, and I totally respect how much WORK goes into making one!! I have yet to go there, because I have one too many hobbies already 😉 But if I had the time… and $$$ I would start quilting…this one is very beautiful! Thx for sharing!!

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