>100 things about me


well, it seems to be the theme for the day so here goes:

1. i have brown hair and eyes

2. i have been a quilter for 11 years

3. i could not learn sewing in high school

4. i have to have the tv or radio on

5. i have coached soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball

6. i have four children

7. my oldest son is deaf from meningitis at 4 months

8. i have a degree in commercial art

9. i have twin boys

10. my girls look more like twins than my boys

11. i am a sign language interpreter

12. i love to read

13. i love to doodle

14. i am addicted to reading blogs

15. i like to do simple beading projects

16. i like to do fused glass

17. i used to sell handmade cards

18. i met my second husband (the first time) while working at Pizza Hut

19. i met him again while line dancing

20. i love country music

21. i can speak enough arabic to really cuss you out

22. i have been to the John Deere tractor museum

23. i am adopted

24. i do not feel the need to find my birth parents

25. my children are 1/2 Lebanese (they are all from my first husband)

26. i’ve never been farther west than Iowa

27. i hate fish

28. i hate snakes

29. i adore my dog and cats

30. i am addicted to coffee and diet pop

31. i NEED chocolate

32. i don’t like to cook

33. unfortunately, i am a good cook

34. i love to bake

35. i can ice skate

36. i collect sewing machines

37. i play the piano by ear

38. i hate waking up my children

39. i hog the bed

40. i wish i had a green thumb

41. i keep all my craft magazines

42. i love hi-tech gadgets

43. i design my own quilts

44. i have sold a few of my designs

45. i wish i could communicate with my children better

46. i wish i was a better mother

47. i hate being tapped on the shoulder/arm

48. i pile stuff

49. i love animal crackers

50. i have a handful of really good friends

51. i have one brother

52. i plan my menus for 2 weeks in advance

53. my husband thinks i’m beautiful

54. i think my husband is blind

55. i love taking naps

56. i don’t take enough naps

57. my favorite season is fall

58. i love the rain

59. i would like to write a book

60. i want to travel to Europe

61. i like history

62. i enjoy reading the Sunday paper

63. i hate video games

64. i like to learn new skills

65. i like to drive around and look at houses

66. i like to hang out at the book store

67. i get most of my books from the library

68. i wear socks to bed

69. i used to breed Persian cats

70. i taught my girls to sew

71. my youngest dd won a quilt contest

72. i wish i had more patience

73. i hate going to the doctor

74. i have glasses

75. i never wear my glasses

76. i love to eat out

77. i never wear skirts or dresses

78. i went to a catholic grade and high school

79. i sing in the shower

80. i sing in the van

81. i sing as the dog

82. my family wishes i could sing better

83. i value my children’s education

84. i wish my children read more

85. i believe in God but i hardly ever go to church

86. i’m hardly ever sick

87. i love to see other people’s art

88. i love the sound of wind chimes

89. i wish i had a pool

90. my husband is the most patient man

91. i enjoy being alone

92. i hate my hair

93. i like to stay up late

94. i hate mornings

95. i wish i had done better in school

96. i like to hunt for bargains

97. i miss my children when they’re gone

98. Tara Whitney is my photography idol

99. i want to learn how to be a better photographer

100. i wish i had more artistic friends (i hope that’s where you all come in!)

Oh! and a photo too! i bought some marine vinyl at Jo-Ann’s yesterday so the ds modeled for me….i do have good children!

ISO: 400; 50 mm; F/3.2; SS 1/20

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