>Where you can find me


the ball-handler is my daughter in this shot:

that’s right
i’m a sports mom
and a good sports mom always sits with her camera and tripod, right?
the girls said at first that they were embarassed
last night i heard the oldest doing a little commercializing of her good ol’ mom
maybe she’ll go into advertising?
nah-stick with med-school, baby!

all shot in AP, ISO 800, 85 mm lens


14 thoughts on “>Where you can find me

  1. >WOW! super gym shots. I really need to figure out how to get better shots in the gym. I am just amazed at the color quality and the sharpness in these. Great job!

  2. >Takes me right back to my highschool days! This is wonderful that you are able to capture the moment so well! They will cherish these later. Let them complain all they want about you bringing your camera… don’t listen and keep on shooting.

  3. >Oooh! Great shots of the game! Do you have any other hints/tips about shooting at games? I’m supposed to go try this kind of thing this wednesday … the coach wants to pay me if I can get some shots like these! I have the XT and 50mm 1.8 lens… think I can do it with those? Can you share more of your settings?

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