Natalie and Aaron

Meet Natalie.  Isn’t she stunning?  She married her groom, Aaron, on a gorgeous autumn day.  All in all, a beautiful day, fit for a lovely bride. Wedding2

THE moment?  Husband and wife!  One of my very favorites from every wedding I shoot.  The triumphant, happy looks are so worth all the preparation and planning that leads up to this moment right here. Wedding3

And this sweet moment?  With that handsome couple and that light? An absolute, hands-down, favorite of mine.  Wedding4

So many lovely moments from this day.  It was hard to narrow them down to just a few.  But I wish the lovebirds a lifetime of happiness and golden light.

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I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of this lovely bride this weekend.  I met Miss Jessica at her college freshman orientation with my oldest daughter.  Living in towns relatively close together they hit it off like two peas in a pod, going on to eventually share an apartment.  They’ve been fast friends ever since so I was thrilled to be asked to document her wedding day.  And what a wedding day it was!  Glorious weather, beautiful bride and bridesmaids, and handsome groom and groomsmen.  The perfect mix for a memorable day.  But see for yourself….


Dad had to wipe away tears after the “reveal” of his oldest baby on her wedding day.  I love emotional dads…


And don’t even get me started on emotional grooms!  I’ll take that picture every time!


And a bride and groom willing to hang out on a neighbor’s swing?  Yeah, you don’t need to ask me twice to get some photos of them.


The above moment is as sweet as can be.  And this?  This moment is one of my all time favorites of bride and groom photos I have taken.  Love me a wedding couple that can be silly with each other!


Fifty years from now I can only hope they remember this moment.  The moment that forever stretched in front of them.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sexton.  I hope your future is bright, full of love and laughter, and that you always have a smile in your hearts. IMG_1928

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Kristin & Jake

Aren’t these two lovebirds adorable?  I had the best time with these two: perfect weather, golden light, and lots of laughs.  Going to be difficult to wait for their wedding day because it will be SO much fun!  In the meantime I will enjoy these images from their engagement session.

Had to go get some color to offset those eyes!  Such sparkle!  And the way Jake looks at his bride just melts my ol’ Grinch heart 😉IMG_0171-1

Resist!  Really, who can resist?  Those smiles are just perfect…IMG_0202a

That light!  I made Kristin move scant inches to get that light in her hair.  I didn’t have to do anything to get Jake to smile at her like that.  True love, I tell ya. IMG_0235a

I threatened Jake with this one….anyone who knows me knows I always follow through on my threats!  haha!  But what a fun, creepy, stalker photo.  IMG_0189-1

Thanks for playing along with my crazy ideas Kristin and Jake!  I can’t wait to see you guys on your wedding day.  I know it’s going to be crazy awesome!

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All Because

You know that saying “All because two people fell in love”?  Yeah, these two are the start of the fun and crazy crew I had the privilege to photograph for a Lifestyle Session.  These two lovebirds have been together 46 years.  It’s still going strong….IMG_8349a

Grandma is an avid reader.  Much to my book-loving heart, she’s passing that love on to her grand babies.  Look at that concentration!  She made that story come to life for those littles.  So sweet. IMG_8292-1

This guy?  This guy is energy on steroids!  lol  He was a constant go, go, go, so when I noticed this moment unfolding I turned around and grabbed it.  Such a precious moment.  One that mom can look back on those “hard” days (all you mommas know what I’m talking about 😉  ) and realize that he is able to sit still!  hahahaIMG_8335a

Gotta love a dad of two girls who can go with the flow.  And these two little ladies really seemed to think their daddy was a fun guy.  Keep a hold of them, dad, they grow up fast!  IMG_8138a

Thank you so much T family.  It was an awesome, dance-filled, cooking eating time.  And next time?  I’m totally snagging a cookie!

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Getting Back to My Roots

So you all know I take pictures. But did you know that before I picked up a camera my main tool for creativity was a pencil? Or a sewing machine? So, in the last few years, to keep my creative muscles fresh, I’ve picked those tools back up. Plus a few others. And, like my photography, I’m now ready to offer it to you!

In order to do that I’ve opened up an Etsy shop. It has a smattering of offerings that change often. Please know though that I am fluent in most hobbies. Therefore I’m pretty well rounded in the craft / art scene. Need a custom tee shirt? Gotcha covered. (See what I did there? 😉 ) Pillow covers. Wall art. Drink ware. Portraits are coming. No knitting or crochet though…

So, if you need a gift, or just want something special for yourself, please do check out my site! If you’ve got an idea and don’t see it let me know. I’m always willing to do custom work.

Oh and the portrait sessions are still an option!

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to continue creating for you!



So, if you’ve ever talked to me for any length of time, then you know I have a best friend who is a little bit younger than me….  We, however, get along famously.  I’ve been one of her biggest fans since the moment we met.  And I cannot believe that she will be 4 soon!  My how times does fly!  In honor of her upcoming birthday we grabbed my camera and went to the Botanical Conservatory to get some photos of her.  I’m not sure we were able to capture her personality though….You be the judge:

Here’s her sassy side.  That little tongue peeking out just cracks me up.  She loved the wishing well and got to throw a whole quarter in!  Twenty-five wishes!  Sure hoping whatever they are that they come true!


Her contemplative side.  I do believe she’s plotting her escape from the camera….


The giggly side.  For some reason being on that bench just made her giggle.  Note to self: always find a bench for my bestie.


The beautiful, little, sweet soul that she only lets peek out now and then.  Those eyes and that smile do me in.  Little friend I do hope you always know how beautiful you are.  Inside and out.


And finally, her “this lady is nuts!” face.  But then she knows I’m crazy about her….


Mom and dad got in front of the camera for a few.  Little Miss tends to steal all my attention, but I’ll let them have the pleasure of sharing those themselves.   Thank you so much for allowing me to capture yet another milestone in your life little friend.  I hope to continue to see you grow into the amazing person that I know you are destined to be.

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Life is Golden

It’s been um….awhile….since I posted here.  Nothing went wrong, just a little bit of life moving faster than I can keep up with.  All good, all normal.  We DID add to the household though.  About 4 months ago we had the opportunity to adopt a little boy.  A   1 1/2 year old golden retriever.   I was tickled pink – the hubster not so much.  I managed to convince him that I needed this boy and so we brought him into our home.  And it hasn’t been the same since.  Lots of laughs.  LOTS of walks.  Lots of ball throwing.  It’s been awesome.

So, without further ado, meet Finn.  If you follow me on any other social media you’ve probably seen him.  So we’re just making it official here.

He likes balls.  As many as he can fit in his mouth is preferable.  He usually only manages two, but he got lucky and made it three.


Did I mention we walk?  A lot?  On the weekends we can get up to 5 miles, weekdays are usually 3.   The 5 milers wear him out….the other just energize him.  I like the 5 milers. 2017-08-19_10-39-27_440-(2017-08-22T01_36_43.829)

He’s a noble looking guy, isn’t he?  It only lasts for a minute, trust me.  He’s a nut job.  But he’s a loving little boy and I’m looking forward to years of enjoying him.  Hopefully soon we’ll figure out how to take a selfie together!2017-08-22_12-02-23_904-(2017-08-22T21_03_13.496)

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